Tuesday, 27 September 2016

This Year's Road Trip

I haven't disappeared for good, just been busy at work and then on holiday.  We've been back a week but I'm still trying to get into the old routines and failing, so I opted to scrap our first destination.
We spent a few days in Las Vegas as I've never been and I have to say the first day I didn't like it at all but it grew on me and I would definitely go back for a few days if ever in that part of America again.
So here's the first scrapbook layout dedicated to our time in Las Vegas and to represent that false, glitzy, in-your-face city I wanted a busy, bright and full-on layout. 
We went on the Big Red Bus Tour of the city which included a really helpful map so I've used a section of that as the background and some of the labelled pictures to add to my own photos.
The wooden lettering was sprayed with Krylon paint and dotted with Stickles to add a bit more glitz and the little bag stapled to the top contains a souvenir betting chip.


Thursday, 8 September 2016

Quick Sketch of a Twig

Another scheduled post today as I'm busy with work at the moment.  This time a twig which I picked up whilst walking round the loch. 
It's drawn in charcoal again, using the paper stump to blend the tones and I also experimented more with heavy and light pressure to give the twig some shape.

It's a little fatter than the real thing but overall I've captured the shape and I found that it was relatively easy to describe some of the finer detail around the two tiny branches. I used a kneadable rubber to 'remove' the highlights along the twig.