Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Quick Watercolour Pear

This is a quick practice piece using the wet-in-wet technique of allowing the colour to mix on the paper, creating colour and form.  This is a much looser style of painting and one which I want to move towards.  As a 'fiddler' (one who fiddles with her painting!!) it would stop me from overworking a piece and ruining it - I hope.  It is a style I enjoy very much so it seems the way forward for me. 
The exercise is part of Mark Geeson's course 'Wet-in-Wet Techniques' at ART TUTOR and painted  in my sketchbook using tubes of paint in French Ultramarine, Aureolin, Hookers Green and Burnt Umber with a number 12 round and a Rigger brush.


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