Wednesday, 4 January 2017

You Need Hands

Welcome to 2017 - a bit late I know - and I hope that so far all is going well.  We have been a very decisive household so far, getting on with odd jobs, planning holidays and getting exercise.  Hopefully we can maintain this trend.
So to my first post this year and as I've been busy being decisive about everything else, I haven't left much time for crafting, so I'm kicking off with a fairly quick sketch I did a while ago.  I really need to try and sketch something on a daily basis but it's not easy on the days I work but we'll see how it goes.  Yes I know, not very decisive but I'm trying.
I drew these from a magazine picture which allowed me to measure proportion and get a feel for the angle of the fingers and shape of the visible nails.
I hope you're managing to get some crafting done and with any luck I'll post again quite soon.

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