Saturday, 3 September 2016

A Sketch a Day Keeps the Doctor Away!

Maybe not the doctor but it certainly improves the drawing skills.  This is a scheduled post in which I'm sharing a sketch today that I did of my hand, using charcoal pencil and a paper stump. 
I hadn't used charcoal since my primary school days and had horrid memories of the mess; all over the paper, my arms, face and even legs - don't ask!.  These days you can buy it in pencil form so much less messy to hold and a paper stump is a great substitute for your finger to blend with.  It's basically a pencil made of a paper block - I think.  Anyway, here's the sketch. 

The proportions and angles were not measured exactly, hence the width of the thumb, because it was the process of using charcoal I was most interested in.  However, it turned out quite well and I can say that I really enjoyed using this medium.  So much so that I've done another couple of sketches with charcoal which I'll share later.

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