Thursday, 21 July 2016

Afternoon Tea

A quick non- crafting post today to showcase our baking and cupcake decorating skills. 
Louise was home and we decided to bake and then have afternoon tea, nicely laid out with a vintage tablecloth, croched doilies and cake stands.
 Date and honey scones
 Coffee and walnut streusel muffins
 Fresh raspberry and coconut cupcakes
 Oreo cookies and cream cupcakes

We decorated the cupcakes using the techniques we learned at the cake decorating class in April, using a variety of food moulds and flower cutters. 
Chatting across the table with music in the background, getting all excited about the colour of icing we were going to use and what decorations to put on the cakes was a lovely way to spend a day.
I used my lovely metal heart-shaped cake stand Louise bought for me a while ago and a cardboard one I bought as a spare.

That was on Sunday and needless to say there's nothing left!
There will be a scrapbook page to commemorate the day which I'll share with you soon.  In the meantime, get baking and decorating.

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