Friday, 11 March 2016

Practise, Practise, Practise

In a departure from my usual crafty posts, today I'm sharing a drawing I did recently in an effort to improve my drawing skills.

I am a member of ART TUTOR, a fantastic online site providing loads of courses, lessons and advice in every medium, with video lessons by well-known artists and course materials to view or print.
This drawing of a towel was copied from a photo as part of the Graphite Drawing Skills course. I actually believe now that anyone can learn to draw because before my skills were virtually non-existent and I certainly never thought I would be able to produce something like this.
Needless to say that all this practise has meant my usual crafting activities have taken a back-seat but there will be some more familiar projects coming along next week - I hope.
In the meantime if you are interested in painting and drawing, check out Art Tutor via the link above.  It's a UK-based site with international membership.  There is no minimum subscription and they offer monthly, 6-monthly or annual membership at very reasonable prices for the quantity and quality of lessons provided.

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