Tuesday, 8 September 2015

A Lasting Treasure

Many years ago at secondary school my daughter made me a trug in woodwork class.  It was plain wood and she wrote my name on the front.  I've used it over the years to hold craft supplies and gave it a lick of white paint a while ago to brighten it up.  Like all the things she made as a child, it's treasured and I would never part with it.
I decided recently that I didn't want to hide it on my craft table anymore and pondered how I could use it elsewhere.  At the same time I was hoarding a collection of square glass jam jars and I realised that 6 of these would fit perfectly in the trug.  So what am I going to do with it?

I'm going to use it to grow herbs.  Looks good doesn't it?
I started by painting it with chalk paint in Teal and then when dry, brushing lightly over the top with white chalk paint, so the undercoat still showed through.  I used black StazOn to stamp the word on either side.

I wrote the name of the herbs using Marabu paint pens in a variety of colours and then finished the tops off with some twine.
I'll put grit in the bottom of the jars before planting the herbs and pop the trug by the kitchen window.

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