Saturday, 4 April 2015

Dear Dad ...

Amongst the old photos of my parents is one of my dad, quite young, sitting on the bumper of a car I remember well as a very young child.  It's a photo which I included in a scrapbook for my sister but never got around to scrapping for myself - until now. 
I've also recently discovered CSI: Colour, Stories, Inspiration  A fabulous scrapbooking challenge blog with an interesting way of inspiring creativity so I've entered my layout. 
This is the inspiring image to set the 'scene' for the challenge I entered.
All 5 colours must be used in the layout and thereafter you are given a choice of 'evidence' and 'testimony' to use.  
As you can see, I used the light mauve for the page, black and plum for the embellishments across the middle, cream for the stencilled diamonds and the eucalyptus as an accent colour for the doillies although it looks more blue in the picture which I've only just noticed. 
For my evidence I used acrylic paint, doodling and the title across the photo and for my testimony I used hidden journaling and an inspirational word.

This is a great way of getting inspiration for a layout so if you haven't visited CSI before, click the link in the opening paragraph and see what you're missing.  This challenge, Case File 159, ends in a few days but another Case File has just been released.


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