Sunday, 15 February 2015

Her Debut

Introducing our new cat Coco (Chanel). 
She is a lightning-quick, gymnastic, ninja cat who is practising her skills of breaking and entering (into boxes, bags, drawers, cupboards - in fact anything she's not supposed to enter!).  Her balancing act on the top bars of the clothes dryer is very impressive and the way she swings around the bannister post is worthy of a gold medal at the cat Olympics.
Of course I've had to 're-home' all my small craft items likes scissors and tape runners as she was pulling them out of the pots on my craft desk and playing with them.  Her favourite is the rolls of double-sided tape which she picks up in her mouth, throws into the air and then catches with her paws. A  feline version of Quoites but not a safe toy for a cat so they also are locked away.
Coco is from the Cats Protection and is our second rescue cat, following the sad loss of Smudge in November.  She could never be a replacement for Smudge and not only is Coco a different colour but an entirely different personality.  She is just a year old and needs lots of toys and games to keep her stimulated so we're busy hiding things in old shoe boxes and small paper bags.  I don't who's more exhausted, us or Coco but it's great fun.

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