Sunday, 21 September 2014

The Parallel Universe Syndrome

Yep, I've been there again.  The parallel universe where time seems much slower than reality!!  Why the rambling?  Because yet again, I didn't realise how long it's been since I posted.  To be fair I have been baking more than usual.  I've made sweets from the 'Sweets Made Simple' cookery book which accompanied the recent TV series:  fudge and toffee.  Both really quick and simple and way to delicious.  We're really trying to stick to the whole 'one small piece a day' mantra - yeah right!  I've also been baking mini coffee muffins and trying out some new recipes from the BBC Good Food Magazine.  So lots going on in the kitchen, nothing much happening elsewhere though but that's the trade-off with time at the weekends. 
I've also started an art class so hopefully I'll be painting more and will improve my technique as well.  I'll share anything that's worthy but in the meantime here's a painting I did recently at home, following a tutorial in 'Paint' magazine July issue, which is free to Members of the SAA (Society for All Artists).  The article was about keeping watercolours lose by artist Joanne Boon Thomas and I liked the free style of the painting featured so I had a go.  What do you think?


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