Sunday, 18 May 2014

More Bonsai

Another busy week with more work to do in the evening, hence another cross stitch Bonsai tree to share.  Hopefully I'll get some crafting done today but I'm not holding my breath.
On the plus side, I tidied out a cupboard and found several photo and picture frames I bought in a sale quite a while ago.  Perhaps one of these will get altered soon or better still maybe I can get some painting done and use one to frame the picture!!
Catch you soon.

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stampdiva said...

It is via cross-stitching/tapestry that I stumbled into cardmaking and ultimately stamping.
For some years I had been working on large projects taking up to one year to complete when, working back to front, I made some small Christmas cards to send to family and in need of cardblanks I stumbled into cardmaking. I have an incomplete cross-stitch which was laid aside and you can guess the rest, I never did return to it, maybe one day. Seeing your stitching is making me remember how much I enjoyed cross-stitching and tapestry.
This is such a lovely fresh design.