Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Notes From an Absent Blogger

I really have been absent from my blog lately.  No matter how much I've tried to keep going with my crafting and blogging, my new job and other distractions have gotten in the way. I've lost count of the number of blog challenges I've started creating projects for, only to abandon them part way because I don't have the time or the ideas. 
When I started my new job I had every intention of not letting it get in the way of other things.  Well we all know about 'The road to hell....!'  I'm good at time management and prioritising and it's not that I've been bringing a lot of work home either.  Because it is new, it's taking me longer to prepare lectures and workshops.  It is however becoming easier and the routines and protocols are fitting together and whilst the next two weeks are rather manic, after that the workload eases up for a while, giving me a chance to get ahead of myself again.
So what I'm saying is there is light at the end of the tunnel.  I will return to my crafting and blogging and taking part in the lovely monthly challenges and making my DT project - very soon.  And let this be a lesson to us all.  Work can creep up and take you by surprise.  I didn't realise how much of my crafting time I'd lost but not for much longer.  It means I will also be visiting all your fantastic blogs again on a regular basis.  For not visiting - I apologise.
To end on a high note.  We're off to the Hobbycrafts Creative Stitches and Crafts show weekend after next in Glasgow.  A chance to stock up on essentials.  Now if that's not an incentive to start crafting again, I don't know what is.  Anyone else going?
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