Wednesday, 4 September 2013

I'm a Winner at Crafty Individuals

Well it finally happened.  I received a fraud alert message from my bank today and had to cancel my debit card (it's just so much hassle isn't it?).  They'd only been testing the water with small amounts and my bank were onto it immediately, thankfully.  I suppose it's the downside of internet shopping.

Anyway I soon cheered up when I discovered that the lovely Jean over at Crafty Individuals had chosen my entry as one of the August challenge winners.  So Thank You Jean.

Congratulations to the other winners.

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1 comment:

stampdiva said...

I had this happen to me, it will be nearly two years ago now. Only discovered when I used the ATM and my account had been frozen. On the telephone when I was transferred to the Fraud Squad I was so shocked. I was one of the lucky ones as no monies had been withdrawn from my account but it is still a horrible feeling.
Anyway, onto some good news - well deserved, it was a lovely entry.
P.S. what stamp will you pick I wonder.