Wednesday, 9 January 2013

The Chaos of Christmas

I'm only going to share 3 more pages from my Journal Your Christmas album for 2012 and this one shows the glorious chaos that's inevitable in the run up to Christmas.

The prompt was to photograph your home exactly as it was on that day, without any tidying or careful camera angles to eliminate the mess.  Now I can't stand untidiness of any kind but sometimes it's just  inevitable and as you can see from both tables, on this day there, were piles of post and other paraphernalia on the coffee table.

Unfortunately, Keith was cooking pasta for tea that day and had emptied the contents of one kitchen cupboard to get to the extra large pasta saucepan, hence the almighty mess at the end of the dining table as well.  When I look back at this page before this Christmas I hope both tables are a lot tidier.

I decided to type the journalling as a news story and chose Microsoft's Aharoni font which looks like news type for the title 'This Is It' as well. 
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