Sunday, 13 January 2013

JYC on Christmas Day

Christmas Day brought it's usual wonder, excitement and fun as we opened our presents before setting off for a relative's house with gifts and Christmas dinner in tow.

We always put the tree lights on and play Christmas songs in the background while we hand out the presents and then start ripping into them.  The cat is usually on hand to play with the bows and chew the ribbons and there's normally a little something under the tree for her.  This year there was a gift box, courtesy of James Wellbeloved who make her favourite biscuits and the catnip ball inside gave her a real buzz before she flopped exhausted onto the chair.  

Naturally there were more gifts to open when we arrived at our relative's house and behind each photo there is a tag detailing the gift and the story behind it.

I've titled this page 'Christmas Take 1' because we had our Christmas dinner on Boxing Day, so that was titled, yes you guessed 'Christmas Take 2'.
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