Tuesday, 11 December 2012

The Light at the End of the Path

Having brought my paints out of the cupboard recently to paint some Autumn leaves, I went on to paint two more watercolours from photographs taken a couple of year's ago.

This was taken during a walk around Balgavies Loch near to where we live and I really liked the markings on the bark of the trees and the way they arched over to create an almost enclosed walkway, with the bright sunlight filtering through in the distance.

I started my painting further into the canopy and concentrated on the trees in the foreground.  

I used SAA (Society for all Artists) 300gsm Rough watercolour paper and a mixture of SAA watercolour paints and Winsor & Newton.  I masked out the tree bark using SAA blue masking fluid before laying down a graded wash for the distant foliage, darkening this as I reached the foreground.  When dry I removed the masking fluid and painted the tree bark and adding some dark foliage across some of the trees.

And here's my finished painting which will be mounted with a light green mountboard and nice wood frame.

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stampdiva said...

I am sitting in awe of your painting. You have certainly kept this talent quiet!
My fingers are twitching to use my paints again, I certainly use them but no longer to actually paint in this manner.
Cannot wait for you to share more with us.

Paper Profusion said...

Very beautiful Sue - you have great talents! Nicola x