Sunday, 16 December 2012

Journal Your Christmas

Here's a page from my JYC album dated 2nd December which chronicles the first artificial tree my parents bought way back in the early 1960s.

The photos are old and have a strange orange hue about them (I think it was the camera) but they show my parents with the tree, although this picture was taken much later, around 1978 I think.  That proves how long an artificial tree can last with care.  That tree went on for a number of years after that until it finally gave up the ghost to be replaced by another, smaller tree.

The poem on the top right is actually the front of a Christmas card received from a relative several years' ago.  It was far too nice to discard and I knew it would be perfect for a scrapbook layout sometime.  I used die cut frames for the photos and kept the background paper and most of the embellishments pale so that the photos would stand out more and not get too lost.

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1 comment:

stampdiva said...

Hi Sue
Many photos from my childhood have that same hue lol.
What a great idea to journal Christmas