Thursday, 27 December 2012

Another JYC Page

I hope you all had a very enjoyable and relaxing Christmas and trust that Santa was good to you; I'm sure you deserve it.   A few days to relax now before the revelries of New Year's Eve.  

Having spent 4 consecutive days baking and cooking large meals, I am taking things easy for a while and  haven't quite got back into the swing of my usual crafting.  So here's another page from my Christmas journal.  

This one is dated 6th December and the prompt was to record something that was cozy at Christmas.  Now I know this is the American spelling but I decided to keep it as it was in the prompt.  

My first thought was Ginger Wine, which is lovely and warming on cold winter days, and something I don't feel guilty about drinking when I get home from work or shopping. I did try and kid myself that it really wasn't that alcoholic but alas deep down, I know it's not true. 

 Then I thought of the glow of the fire (when we switch it on) which instantly makes the room look cozy and inviting.

The background paper is from a stack and I deliberately kept the words 'love' uncovered.  

The journalling is on a tag hidden behind the large photo.

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