Saturday, 1 December 2012

And We're Off

The 1st of December and the first day of Shimelle's Journal Your Christmas.   Click the button on the sidebar to join in. 

The first prompt arrived today surrounded by all the glitz and fun that comes from seeing what other people are doing via the forum.  The prompt urged us to think about our Manifesto for Christmas this year.  In fact mine didn't take that long to think about.  

I've allowed myself to become really weighed down by some of the problems and difficult people at work and  with life in general.  We all feel it sometimes but I usually bounce back quicker.  So my Manifesto is to keep these things in check, not let them spoil the fun of my favourite time of year.

I changed the font randomly and with little thought as I typed my Manifesto so the thoughts just fell onto the paper without interruption and then layered it onto a background stamped with swirls from a large heart stamp.  

Here's is a transcript of the wording.

This year I promise to celebrate the little things that make Christmas and do my best to ignore the annoying things.  I love Christmas and want to keep that magical feeling.  I don't want to get bogged down with the boring and mundane but will endeavour to make every aspect of Christmas exciting, magical and fun.  No more will I moan when the end of the sellotape disappears, or the pen runs dry in the middle of writing a card, or the wrapping paper tears.  I am going to savour and journal all the little moments as well as the big moments and in so doing, I'm bringing Christmas HOME - this year and every year !

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