Saturday, 14 July 2012

A Desk Calendar For Fun

Here's the second calendar I made, this time for sitting on the desk, using the Bind-it-All to make a flip-over style calendar.

I chose BoBunny Swiss Dots paper in teal and dark blue for the pages and cut 15  9cm X 11.5 cm pages.  I also cut two  thin chipboard pages the same size and covered both sides of each using the pages.  One has December's calendar page on it, the other acts as a back for the whole calendar which forms an A shape so it stands up.

Use the centre line method of punching and binding as it's easier then stick each month's calendar tab in place.  The December card page was attached to the back cover with a piece of ribbon so it doesn't slide open and fall flat on the desk.  Once it is all bound you can decorate it in any style you like.  I chose fun embellishments for a student but you could just as easily use quotes, lines from poetry, sentiments, descriptions of the recipient or anything else. 

I used the same website as before for the calendar tabs.
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stampdiva said...

Hi Sue
I keep meaning to make such an item but never done so yet.
A brilliant idea.