Saturday, 17 December 2011

A Scrapbook Memory for Christmas 2011

Having posted several times about Shimelle Laine's class 'Journal Your Class', I thought I should let you see a page or two now the class is well under way.

I'm enjoying this class every bit as much as last year, not least because I know that in a year's time when I read this album again, it will bring back memories of everything that is going on now.  The little things, the annoying things, things that go right and those that don't!  Everything that makes the run up to Christmas and the event itself memorable.

For me this class is really about the journaling - the thoughts and experiences I record on the pages that will evoke the memories and the great thing about the prompts is that you don't have to add photos or masses of embellishments if you don't want to.
This was prompt 10 which was about the tradition of wrapping presents.  This year I decided to add a photo of a selection (small selection I might add) of the gift paraphernalia we love to use to make each pressie extra special.  I decided to stamp the white background instead of using paper as I just wanted the focus on the photo.  This page has a small amount of journaling but others have a lot, some of it hidden.
The only thing missing from this page is a title which I will add after Christmas when I have more time and that's the great thing about this class, if time is tight you can add extras to the album later when you're not so rushed. 

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