Thursday, 28 July 2011

Graduation Day

The professional photos from Louise's graduation ceremony arrived the other day and they're fantastic.  Obviously our camera was on overtime before, during and after the ceremony but these 3 photos capture the day perfectly. 

It was difficult to choose the right coloured cardstock for this because there is very little colour in the photos as all the students had black gowns.  In the end I decided to go with the pink as this matched the colour of my jacket and is visible on the hoods of some of the students in the background. 

Once my colour choice was made I found two pieces of cardstock from the lovely Tim Holtz Ideaology Vintage Shabby Chic paper pad, one which looks like a notepad and the other with small script on it, like a piece from a book.  These were perfect to keep my theme of a student notebook page so next I scanned and printed a page from one of Louise's psychology books, distressed the edges and inked lightly with pink chalk ink and then highlighted a couple of words with a pink highlighter.  When the papers were layered I stapled round the edge of the black cardstock and put pink paper clips on the photos before sticking with double sided tape.

I used the notebook piece from the Tim Holtz pad to write some key bits of information about the day, Louise's matriculation number and where she lived for the 4 years but the main journaling is tucked behind the photo of Louise and is pulled out by another pink paper clip.  To give the page a light feminine look I die cut some flowers using old book pages to keep the study theme going and layered these with paper petals then added the die cut heading.
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