Sunday, 31 July 2011

Chocolate Box Wall Art?

Yes, you read correctly.  Now my friends and family know what a chocoholic I am but you might think this is taking it a bit too far but hopefully you'll think differently when you see the finished project.

Here's the story behind the idea.  Are you sitting comfortably? 

For years I'd wanted someone to buy me chocolates in a heart shaped box.  I think I saw something like this in one of those old Hollywood movies of the forties and thought it was a lovely, romantic idea.  Well, every Christmas Keith buys me and Louise a huge box of our favourite Thornton's Continental chocolates and a few years ago they produced some lovely heart shaped boxes.  One year these had beautiful padded satin lids with a sumptuous bow and another year they were pretty pink lids with heart shapes on them.  Of course I kept both boxes but didn't do anything with them until I had a clear out the other week.

I took the pink box and bought a large cheap canvas on which to mount it.  First I painted the whole canvas in a cream acrylic paint and when dry I inked round the edge with a deep rose-coloured ink.  I placed the box where I wanted it on the canvas and drew lightly round this in pencil so that I could see where I needed to decorate the canvas.  This way I wasn't going to waste any products on the part to be covered by the box.

I used one of the free stencils from the 2nd issue of Simply Homemade Magazine and randomly inked in the same colour the flourishes around the edges of the canvas.  Next I used two small heart stamps and heat embossed these around the canvas in silver and red,. Then I used a PaperMania embossing Marker to go over some of the swirls and heat embossed these in silver as well.

I used a strip of wide cream coloured cotton lace and placed this diagonally across the canvas, securing the ends on the reverse with a small staple gun.  I placed some pink organza ribbon on top of this and secured in the same way, then added some string to the back to hang the canvas.

Finally I used Glossy Accents to attach the box base to the canvas in the position I'd marked and then glued the lid onto the base so it wouldn't come off.  And there you have it, chocoholism taken to a whole new level.

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