Thursday, 30 June 2011

We're So Proud Of You

We had a fantastic day yesterday at Louise's graduation.  I started getting tearful the minute the opening ceremony started and with every whoop and cheer that the other graduates got, I became more emotional.  You can imagine how I was feeling by the time Louise was called.  I clapped so loudly that the lady next to me asked if it was my daughter.  Of course I couldn't reply, just nodded violently whilst choking back tears of pride.  Good job Keith had taken the camera because I was in no fit state for anything. I think he only just managed to click away himself. 


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Anji said...

Hi Sue
Congratulations to you both for raising such a brilliant daughter.
Anji x

craftybren said...

Keep being proud Sue, our kids are worth it. They are what we make them and you should be proud.

Crafting Gill said...

This is lovley Photo Sue you must be so proud
Gill xxxx