Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Paint A Pretty Picture

Remember I mentioned my early watercolour paintings that I found when clearing out the drawer?  Well here is an impressionistic painting I did of some lovely carnations I received in a bouquet for my anniversary.

I didn't want to be over fussy and try and get every bit of detail in the flowers, which is something I tend to do usually but this time I fought the urge to keep dabbing away and was pleased with the result.  Looking at it now, almost two years after it was painted, I'm delighted with the way it turned out and may even put this one in a frame.

I use either Winsor & Newton or SAA tubes of watercolour and usually Bockingford NOT watercolour paper.  If you haven't heard of the SAA it is the Society for All Artists and has a fantastic on-line shop.  If you paint, go and check them out.

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1 comment:

jackid said...

It should already be in a frame my lady it's bloody brilliant well done really wish I could do this sort of stuff but not much good at it I will have to find some of my work out and embarrass myself to death lol oh the shame lol but this is beautiful sue you shoud do more then reduce in size and use on your card little mini works of art (commission please when you make your millions) lolthanks for the support about the NHS what is this country coming to speak soon
Jacki xx