Sunday, 17 April 2011

A Fruity Angle

Had a good weekend, out and about both days.  Yesterday we took relatives out for lunch and a jaunt around the countryside. It was a lovely day and there was much reminiscing on all sides.  Today we went through to Edinburgh to drop off a parcel for Louise and then stopped for a late lunch on the way back.  So late in fact that I don't want any tea just a banana. 

That reminded me of another painting I found lurking in the drawer the other week.  An early effort at a watercolour still life of some fruit.  Now don't ask me why the photo is at an angle and looks like it's rolling off the deck of a ship because it wasn't that angle when I took the picture but anyway, here it is.

I was pleased with the banana and the apple and the overall shapes of the lime and orange but getting texture and shine isn't easy and clearly I needed a lot more practice.  The shadows eluded me as well at this time and although the basic shape is there, they are by no means correct. 

The thing is it doesn't matter because the only way to improve is to keep practising and for me it is more about the calm, relaxing mood it puts me in that the finished piece, although it's nice to have something to hang on the wall as well. 

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