Thursday, 7 April 2011

A Bake and Make Day

I've kept all my early painting efforts which at the time I was quite pleased with but felt they were just that 'early efforts'.  When I look at them now one or two are really quite nice and only need to be mounted and framed to make nice pictures.  I used one small one of daffodils to make my entry for the April card challenge on Crafts on the Net, where the theme was Easter and using bright colours. We had a sketch to follow which I've never done before but I changed it very slightly though still within the rules - I hope.

What else have I been up to lately?  Well it's Louise's birthday tomorrow and she's coming home from university for the weekend so I made here cake today.  It didn't turn out brilliantly and of course I'm blaming the recipe but once both halves were sandwiched together and coated with frosting it looked quite good.  The frosting is really delicious and worth keeping the recipe just for that.  It's meant to be a Pina Colada cake, so there is Malibu in the frosting as well as grated coconut and lime juice.  Ahh, I can feel the tropical breeze even now:  I wish!
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