Sunday, 30 January 2011

My Funny Valentine

We don't really do slushy, sentimental cards for any occasion and never have, especially for Valentines Day.  One year for our anniversary I bought a with sympathy card and for another anniversary I bought a congratulations card and inside wrote ...for making it this far!  We all tend to think 'outside the box' in this family.

Last year, as I had just started to get into card making I decided to make one Valentine's Day and here is the result.  I used both sides of my favourite Imaginisce papers, Kitsch'n Floral Black Tie Optional. Although it's floral it has a masculine appeal because of the colour.  I kept the die cut font simple and angular so as not to look too feminine.

I continued the theme on the inside as well.

If I make a card this year I'll post a picture after the day.

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