Tuesday, 4 January 2011

My First Award - Yeehah!

Thank you to Jacki at cardsbyjacki (see link on sidebar) for passing on the Blog with Attitude Award.  In return I am passing it to 5 other bloggers.  Here they are:

Now I have to add 3 things that make me different.  Hmm! Difficult.  Let's see:

1.  I can always find a silver lining - no matter what.
2.  I like to round numbers up to the nearest even number eg. 6 minutes, 4 bananas, etc.
3.  I have a terrible sense of smell ever since a really bad sinus infection about 17 years ago.

So to the recipients above, nominate 5 blogs of your choice to receive the award.  List them on your blog with 3 things that make you different, add the award button and link back to Digis with Attitude, then email them to receive your $5.00 gift voucher.

1 comment:

Spyder said...

I'm back again cos I saw your title and I know I gave you one last year, but knowing me I must have forgot to tell you as sometimes I hunt for links and can't find them! and sometimes I can't remember who I told and who I didn't (Specially when the comments wait for approval!) I never know if they've gone or not, anyway, I've double checked and yay!! There's another award for you HERE (last summer!) Sorry I didn't double check!