Sunday, 5 December 2010

Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

YIPPEE!!!!!  It's Christmas and in case you hadn't realised already, I love Christmas and so do my family, especially Louise.  She came home for a couple of days at the end of last week and whilst home we put the decorations up including of course the tree.  She goes mad with tinsel and every picture is adorned with it in various colours as are the banister rails.  If the cat sat still long enough I think she find a shiny addition to her tail! 

The tree is our main focus and it takes a good couple of hours to decorate it between us, with four sets of lights, more tinsel and so many decorations that we are beginning to run out of branches.  Our tree is full of memories for us which is another tradition which seems to have evolved over the years and it's a particularly joyous one because every year we remember people through the decorations. 

I'm not going to waffle on anymore but here is the tree together with close ups of some of those memories.

A former Primary 1 pupil made this in class as part of our art and craft lessons.  It was for the children to take home but she wanted me to have it.  

This was a gift from my daughter's Reception Class Teacher, Miss Holden at Maple Infants School in Surrey.  

We have several of these handmade tags which came from presents received from various relatives over the years.  Naturally their names are on the back so we know who gave them.

We have two of these.  They were cut from the centres of Christmas cards sent by relatives of Keith who live in wales.  We wrote their names on the back and the year we received them.  The cards were handmade and the centres just begged to be kept.

Last but not least this is a very delicate ornament which I used to hang on the tree with my Dad when I was little.  I only have a couple left, together with some lovely 1950's tree lights which no longer work but I can't bear to throw them out.  I also have 6 paper lanterns of assorted colours, slightly faded and marked with 'Product of the British Empire', again from the 50's.  These I try and hang up somewhere from a picture rail.

There are many other assorted 'memories' on our tree.  Two silver bell ornaments which were from my eldest sister's wedding back in the early 60's and some hanging pine cones which I remember Mum hanging from wall lights when I was a child.

How many memories are on your tree? 

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1 comment:

jackid said...

Wow Sue a few stories to be told by your xmas tree then with the memories how lovely I haven't put mine up yet haven't had chance I am so behind I'm not a big xmas person don't get me wrong I enjoy the get togethers and so on well not with my family but (blows raspberry)to them but I would one year love to spend new year somewhere in Scotland I just love the way you celebrate it up there I have to say it's on my bucket list lol I know I will speak to you before hand but have a great one take care
Jacki xx