Sunday, 12 December 2010

A Christmas Keepsake

Remember the run of  projects using CD cases?  Well here's one more and no, I still have loads left!

This is a nice little gift that the kids can make for elderly relatives coming for Christmas.  You know what it's like, you take lots of pictures of the children opening their presents and Granny and Grandad having fun.  Well how about taking five minutes out of a busy day to print a couple of the pictures out and pop them  inside this keepsake wallet.  You don't have to matt the pictures but if you prepared them in advance it would be quick to do.  Then the children can give their relatives a momento to take home straight away.  A nice way to remember a lovely family day.

For instructions on how to make this using a cardboard CD case scroll down to Blog Archive and click on July, then scroll down to 'Sick of those free CDs' or you could make one from card stock.  Once made you can embellish to your hearts content.  I kept mine fairly plain, using a pre-cut frame on the front to write the recipients name and year.

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