Monday, 29 November 2010

Winter Wonderland or (to coin another song) Somewhere Out There ...

This morning looked promising with a bright blue sky and some sunshine but it didn't last and by lunchtime the snow was back.  This is the view from my craft table at 3.10 this afternoon.  Not exactly picturesque but gives you an idea of how bad it is. 

Still can't get the car out. In fact when I ventured across the road this morning, my feet sank into the snow and kept on sinking until I was almost up to my knees trying to get back onto the pavement. 

More snowmen, that's what we need, along with gritters and snow ploughs and a break in the weather please.

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1 comment:

jackid said...

BBBBBrrrrrrr Sue it looks freezing your end snow hasn't hit us yet I think we had a very light sprinkle friday night but it could have been just heavy frost the pic looks lovely but then i'm sitting by the radiator where it's warm just stay in your craft room and make lots of goodies lol take care
Jacki xx