Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A Christmas Page - Part 2

Here is the second Christmas scrapbook page which makes the double layout.  As you can see I used the same colours to tie the pages together, making the ric-rac style background paper as previously and using Christmas Tree chipboard shapes.

Most of the embellishments, including the frames are from a Carol Wilson Kit I bought about 3 years.  There was so much in the kit that I still have loads left over and will use some more this year.

This page followed on with the theme of Christmas Traditions and the top photograph shows my daughter and me baking on Christmas Eve.  I baked mince pies and sausage rolls with my Mum and have carried that tradition on.  We put on Christmas music, have a festive drink and sing along to the music as we bake.  The heavenly smell wafts through the house and inevitably my husband appears at regular intervals to 'sample' each batch as it comes out of the oven.  That's definitely a man tradition as my Dad did the same. 

Tucked inside the pocket at the bottom is a list of all the family traditions we have at Christmas together with my Mum's recipe for a tasty treat she called 'Cheese Fiddles'  which she only made at Christmas.  I don't know why, but my Dad loved them and now I make them as well, mainly because they use up any leftover pastry.  Naturally there was no recipe written down for this and luckily I've remembered it over the years but decided to commit it to paper just in case.

If you haven't documented your family's Christmas traditions then you should.  Everytime I look at these pages, memories of my childhood Christmases come flooding back together with those of my own family. 

 I am feeling quite festive already and looking forward to my daughter coming home from university to decorate the tree and the house and then to Christmas Eve and that wonderful family tradition of festive baking. 

 If I can take a good enough photo of the tree this year I'll post it in a few weeks.  Although I say it myself, it's a beautiful tree adorned on every branch and is in fact a store of memories in itself.  I'll tell you more later.

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