Friday, 3 December 2010

Bags More Christmas Ideas

Here's the other festive gift bag I mentioned.  Originally it had a free gift in it with the store logo which adorned the front and back of the bag.  I kept it because it was black and when I found it the other day I decided to revamp it for Christmas.

I covered the logo on the front and back with a scalloped circle cut using a Nestabilities Die and red card and using Glossy Accents, glued this over the writing to hide it.  Then I decided to make a Poinsettia for the front of the bag. 

I cut 5 large petal shapes and 5 smaller petal shapes from matt red card stock and using a pencil, rolled each petal from the middle to the end to give some dimension.  Using Glossy Accents, I glued the 5 larger petals around a point to form the outer leaves and did the same with the 5 smaller petals to form the inner leaves.  A line of Stickles Xmas Red along the centre of each petal finished the leaves and I added a contrasting metal and ribbon flower to the centre.

Remember I promised stamped ribbons.  Well you can see that I've added some to the Poinsettia.  I experimented by stamping onto different kinds of ribbon but found that satin worked best.  Matt or cotton finish and organza ribbons left the image very pale and almost unrecognisable.  I found the best results were from using black StazOn stamped onto red satin and gold StazOn stamped onto green satin.

To adhere the ribbon to the bag I used Herma Transfer Adhesive Sheets.  These are A5 sized sheets with a peel off backing which reveals a sticky surface underneath.  You rub the ribbon onto the sticky surface, wrong side down and it coats the back of the ribbon with an adhesive. 


Be careful how you peel the ribbon off as the edges may pull and begin to fray.

Once the ribbon was in place I edged it with dots of the red stickles to complement the flower.  Then I made a gift tag by layering three different sized Nestabilities Scalloped Circles two red and one black, although in the photo it only looks like two circles, adding another metal and fabric flower to match the Poinsettia.  

I hope you like this idea and if you find any gift bags laying around the cupboard give it a go and customise one for a gift this Christmas.

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jackid said...

Sue it's beautiful and very festive love the Poinsettia a very stylish gift bag well done
Jacki xx