Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Thought Provoking On Line Classes

Hi All,

As you can see from the Shimelle Laine blinkie on the right I finally signed up for one of her on-line classes.  I have wanted to take part in one for ages but didn't think I could commit the time.  When I saw this one, True Stories, I though it would probably just fit in with my busy workload so I went for it. 

It is about how we write: journaling, blogging, drafting, note taking, letter writing, emailing.  It covers all these forms of writing but the emphasis is on using pen and paper, remember those. 

The first prompt was yesterday and I really enjoyed the way this made me think about how I write.  The guest designers who added their thoughts and writings were really interesting and one idea in particular really got me thinking. 

Check out Shimelle's website for more information by clicking on the blinkie.
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