Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Happy Birthday Time

This is the latest card made for the Birthday Card Swap on Crafts on the Net.  I paper pieced the cupcake, using my paper crinkler (I've no idea what it's called but basically you feed the paper through, turn the handle and it corrugates it, like corrugated cardboard.  I think I've just invented a new word as well - crinkler!).

I tried desperately to get away from my usual style but didn't quite manage it.  I really need to expand my repertoire of ideas.  You know what it likes when you get stuck in a design rut; inadvertently making the same sort of card, scrapbook page etc.  Anyone got any tips for breaking away from the comfort zone?

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jackid said...

Hi Sue, I found the best way is to totally in the opposite direction when trying something new layout design medium the lot other wise you tend to stick to the tried and trusted lovely card though
Jacki xx

Louise said...

What a lovely card. And yes, I do know what you mean about getting stuck in a crafting rut.

What about picking out all the things you would normally use, then putting them to one side and using something else?

And it's called a ribbler, for corrugating card or paper