Sunday, 26 September 2010

Now What Can I Do With That?

Here is a little whimsical piece I put together recently after being left with a completely clear, acrylic box.  You know what it's like.  You keep looking at an object, thinking you could do something with it but what.  Well that's what happened with this packaging box.  I had a kind of Alice in Wonderland type, looking box of time in my head and then it struck me that it would be fun to put different sized photos of my daughter inside to show how she has grown.  With the idea of time still in my head
The Whimsy Clock was born.

I cut out my paper to fit the back and the bottom of the box and used silver mirror board for the sides to reflect the images.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get a shot of the sides that would let you see this but trust me it works like a mirror and is very effective. 

Because I wanted the outside to be as interesting as the inside, I backed the unpatterned side of the paper with cream cardstock, onto which I stuck sections of a poem.
I then cut out different photos of Louise from birth to now and fixed them on the mirror board, backing paper and front of the box. I stamped a clock face, minus the hands, onto acetate using black StazOn and cut out, securing to the front of the box with a clear glue dot and then covering this with a button to complement the paper.  I coated a chipboard heart in silver and stuck this on the backing paper with a padlock underneath.  Some acetate sentiments and flowers that I stamped myself  and a selection of ribbons finished it off.

Here you can see that the outside is decorated with ribbons and self-adhesive gems so it is interesting to look at and of course there is the poem. 

If you want to try this yourself here are a few Top Tips.

  • Play around with the layout before sticking anything down.  Remember, you want to see all the pictures from one angle or another so use your tweezers to hold them roughly in position and look into the box from the front to check the position.

  • You will need to stick the backing paper and mirror board sides to the box, otherwise they will fall inwards.

  • Use clear glue dots to stick the card and paper to the inside as glue can smudge.  Gemstones on the oustide can be used to mask the glue dots. 

  • You need to get a hand right inside the box to stick pictures etc on, so check this first.
Finally, the poem I chose is a favourite of mine about children. It was written by Kahlil Gibran and is from his book called The Prophet in which he tells the story of a prophet who is asked by a group of villagers to speak to them about life.  One woman asks  "Speak to us of Children" and he begins:

Your children are not your children.
They are the sons and daughters of life's longing for itself.....

I would liked to have posted the entire poem but I think I'm worried about breaching copyright.  However you do an internet search on him and you should be able to access this poem and possibly the entire book.

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