Sunday, 5 September 2010

Hidden journaling and photos

This a double page layout from my recently completed Cuban album.

Because I chose an 8" x 8" album I really needed to use hidden tabs for journaling and photographs.  This was the only way I could get all the information and images on each page that I wanted.

I liked this paper as it echoed the building from which this massive iconic image of Che Guevara looked down on Revolution Square.  If the image looks familiar it is the one used on T shirts and nearly everything else bearing his likeness.

I kept a white border round the pictures and printed some of the journaling in strips.  I also wanted to include a picture of the local taxis which we saw that day and so created a flap with the white card.  I doodled a spiral down the left side to look like a notebook.

On this picture you can see the flap opened up to reveal more journaling and the photo of the Coco Taxi. I used hidden flaps quite a lot in this album and will post some more examples in a couple of weeks.

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1 comment:

jackid said...

great work sue it looks like you've got a lot to cram in those pages it looks really good
xx Jacki xx