Friday, 13 August 2010

Recording Your Holiday Memories

Last year we went to Cuba.  A country I had long wanted to visit and was not disappointed.  I knew that there would be too much to remember when returning home so I needed a way of recording daily events as they happened.  Obviously we were going to take masses of photographs and stocked up on extra memory cards before we went but it was the daily experiences; smells, sounds, people, culture that I also wanted to note.  The answer?  A simple travel journal, small and fairly sturdy that would hold receipts, brochures and other memorabilia. 
I decided that an A5 size would be perfect and opted to use some thick chipboard rather than a hard cover.  It didn't need a lot of embellishing but it did need to be functional.  I used envelopes to hold memorabilia, marking them with Day 1 etc rather than the actual date so the journal could be used for other holidays. 
 I also inserted a white luggage tag, available from most stationers, into each envelope and on these at the end of each day, I recorded my vivid memories of Cuba. 
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