Friday, 20 August 2010

Not Another CD Case!!!!!

Yes.  I'm afraid so.  You could be forgiven for thinking that I'm currently obsessed with cardboard CD cases but it's just that recently I have found a large number of them whilst clearing out cupboards at work and at home.  Anyway, I think you'll  definitely like this one.  It could be adapted to reflect someones hobbies eg, gardening, cars, cooking, animals and would make a great Christmas present.  Let your imagination run wild and see what ideas you can come up with.

So, without further ado, I give you: 

 The Desk Calendar

This has been made using a single, free cardboard CD case and has an 'A' frame stand at the back. (See post for 'What else can you do with a cardboard CD case?' for instructions on this). 

I printed off the monthly calendar for 2011 free from a website; details at the end and trimmed to fit onto the card stock.  I matted each month on the card stock and then stuck two together, back-to-back with the ribbon inserted in between.  I cut a frame larger than the calendar tabs and stuck a piece of acetate onto the inside and then mounted the whole thing onto the covered CD case with foam pads but you could use dimensional glue instead.  This gave enough space behind for the tabs to be changed each month and the old one stored in the CD case opening.

I found the free printable calendar pages at:

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