Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Ice Cream for your Shopping Lists

I promised you an ice cream coloured memo board and here it is.

I chose the lovely colours to remind of summer and to brighten up my kitchen.  The peg is to hold my shopping list while I add to it and the pocket at the bottom will hold paper or a thin notebook for writing on. 

I used a cheap cotton canvas board, readily available in different sizes from most hobby shops and some discount stores.  This one measures 25cm 30cm.  If you want to make one yourself here are the details.

Crafty Essentials
 Canvas board
Acrylic paints in chosen colours
2 x patterned papers
2 x co-ordinating card stock
1 x wooden clothes peg
Ink pad in a complementary colours
2 x co-orinating ribbons
Ordinary paper stapler
Artist brush
Chipboard shapes (optional)
PVA glue (dries clear variety)
Glossy Accents
To mix the pistachio colour for the canvas board, I used Ultramarine Blue, Titanium White and Emerald   Green but you can use any colours you like.

Top Tip

Start with the lightest colour first and add pea sized blobs of the darker colours gradually to mix the shade you want.

  • Paint the canvas board in your chosen colours
  • To make the bunting flags, take the patterned papers and cut squares measuring 4.5cm x 4.5cm. (If you are using a larger canvas you may want to make the squares bigger and you will need more of them.  For this one I used 7).
  • Draw a diagonal pencil line on the wrong side of the paper and fold each half  to the pencil line to form a kite shape, then fold the top down to make the flag.
  • Next lay the flags at slight angles across the top of the canvas, overlapping them as you go.  When you are happy with the arrangement, glue them down using PVA glue.
  • Then take a piece of ribbon and lay this across the top of the flags, leaving enough to overlap the sides and fold around the back of the frame.  Staple the ribbon on the back in two places so it is nice and secure, dab some glue about half way across the front to stick the ribbon down and then staple again as before on the other side at the back of the frame.
  • Take the second piece of  ribbon and attach this as before, each side at the back about 2cm below the bunting.  DO NOT GLUE IN THE MIDDLE.
  • Take a piece of co-ordinating card stock and cut a rectangle, slightly narrower than the frame and about 7cm deep and glue to the bottom of the canvas using PVA glue.  
  • Cut a scallop shape, or any shape you want, from your second colour card stock and glue this in place along the bottom and at the sides, leaving the top open.  This forms a pocket in which you can keep paper or a small notepad for your shopping lists.  Decorate the edges if desired.
  • Using a co-ordinating colour of ink, colour the clothes peg on all sides.  Decorate some chipboard shapes (optional) and glue to the peg using PVA. When dried, cover the peg and shapes with Glossy Accents.

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